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SunTour Fingertip / Barcon shift levers

On this page: Fingertip (Barcon) 7-speed index shifters | Fingertip (Barcon) 6-speed index shifters | Fingertip (Barcon) retrofriction shifters

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SunTour Barcon 7-speed indexed (fingertip) shifters. Used, $75.00

Part# 70119-U

  • SunTour part# SL-BC00
  • Compatible with SunTour Accushift or friction systems

SunTour barcon shifters

Gently used

Barcon shifters

The other side.

SunTour Barcon 6-speed indexed (fingertip) shifters. Used, $75.00

  • Compatible with SunTour Accushift or friction systems

Barcon 6-speed shifters

Classic Accushift fingertips

SunTour shifters

The business side of the shifters

SunTour Barcon (fingertip) shifters. Used, $75.00

  • Not indexed. These are retrofriction levers.

We have two sets: Silver | Black

Silver SunTour barcons:

Sun Tour barcon shifters

Probably the best fingertip shifters ever made.

Black SunTour barcons:

Black Sintour barcons