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Vintage Components - SunTour shift levers

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Next-to-brake lever shifters: Command 6 & 7-speed shifters, Version 1

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Twist grip shifters: MT 8-speed MD Twist Grip Shifters

Also: Downtube cable stops for frames with braze-ons

We also have SunTour Fingertip (Barcon) shifters posted here.

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SunTour Superbe braze-on-on downtube friction shift levers. barely used. $80.00

Part# SL-203

We believe this is an early version of SunTour Superbe shifters

SunTour Superbe levers

In lovely condition

SunTour levers

From the back

SunTour Superbe Braze-on downtube shifters. Lightly used, $80.00

Part# SL-213

SuTour braze-on downtube shifters

Lightly used

SunTour shifter back

And from the back

SunTour Blue Line LD-2200 braze-on downtube friction shifters. Used. $60.00

Part# SL-100

Produced in the late 1970s - early 1980s

Blue Line LD 2200 shifters

From the front

LD 2200 shifters

And from the back.

SunTour Blue Line clamp-on downtube friction shifters. Used, $50.00/set

Part# SL-100-CLMP

Produced in the late 1970s - early 1980s

SunTour Blue Line shifters

Front view

B;lue Line shifters

From a slightly different angle

SunTour Blue Line shifters

From the back.

Blue Line clamp-on shifters

And here's a side view.

SunTour ARX braze-on friction shifters. Used, $50.00/set

  • Produced mid to late 1980s

SunTour Shifters

ARX parts were simple and functioned well.

SunTour Cyclone shifters

Here are the levers turned over.

SunTour Cyclone shifters

Side view

SunTour Cyclone black band-on friction shifters. Used, $100.00/set

  • Produced in the early 1980s.
  • SunTour part# LD-1600

SunTour Cyclong shifters

Here's a close-up

SunTour Cyclone shifters

Here are the same levers flipped over.

SunTour Cyclong shifters

Side view of the shifters.

SunTour Cyclone shifters

And here's the other side

SunTour LD-1500 clamp-on ratcheted Power Shifter. Used, $50.00

  • Friction shifter with micro-ratchet mechanism.
  • It is hard to pin down exactly when these fine levers were first produced, but it might be 1975. They were the shifters on that year's Fuji Professional. Production continued into the 1980s.

SunTour power shifters

These were revolutionary when they came out.

SunTour Power shifters

Side view

SunTour Power Shifters

From the other side

SunTour Power shifters

From behind

SunTour Accushift Plus 7-speed clamp-on down-tube shifters. New old stock. $40.00

Part# 70110-AC

We have 7 boxed sets in stock

SunTour accushift plus shifters

With cables, hardware and original packaging.

SunTour Accushift shift levers

Another view

Sunb Tour Accushift levers

They are new, in the box.

SunTour 7-speed clamp-on down-tube shifters. New old stock. $35.00

Part# 70110

  • With cables & housing
  • We have two sets

SunTour 7-s[eed shifters

Just the shift levers in this picture

SunTour downtube shifters

They are new, in the bag.

SunTour 7-speed indexed stem shifters

We have them two ways: New | Lightly used

  • Perfect for restoring that mid-range city bike

SunTour Blaze 7-speed indexed stem shifters. New, $30.00/set

Part# 70303

  • We have five sets in stock

SunTour stem shifters

New, in their factory package

SunTour shifters

Here are the parts in the bag set out.

SunTour Blaze shifters

Just the shifters

SunTour shift levers

Here are the levers turned 180 degrees.

SunTour stem shifters

Side view

SunTour part numbers

Here are the part numbers

SunTour 7-speed indexed stem shifters. Lightly used. $25.00/set

SnTour stem shifter

SunTour Wishbone 7-speed Accushift handlebar mount shifters. New, $50.00/set

Part# 70291

  • Produced 1993 & 1994
  • About these shifters, SunTour said: The Wishbone features a unique Y-shaped lever that allows the riders to make shifts ergonomically without removing their hands from the grips. It also features Multi-Mount positioning, making personalized anatomical placement of controls possible for the rider. It improves brake lever handling, too. Wishbone levers also allow for customized brake lever positioning.
  • It is our understanding that these shifters are Accushift Index only and they do not have a friction mode.

Wishbine gear shifters

New, in their factory packaging.

Wishbone 7-speed shifters.

Here are the parts in the bag.

SunTour Wishbone shift levers

Here are just the levers.

SunTour Wishbone shift levers

Here are the levers turned over.

SunTour Wishbine shift levers

The levers will come with instructions.

Wishbone shift levers

The ID slip with more part numbers that comes with the levers.

Suntour Symmetric MK-II downtube shifters.

  • SunTour part number LD-2300
  • Produced early 1980s.
  • These friction levers require a single water-bottle type braze-on to mount them.
  • This lever set has some serious fans because as the right lever shifted the rear derailleur, an internal cam moved the left lever, automatically trimming the front derailleur, usually eliminating front derailleur chain rub.

We have two: Set# 1 | Set# 2

Suntour Symmetric MK-II downtube shifters, set# 1. used. $30.00

SunTour Symmetric levers

The lever set sits on top of the downtube. Note we have the special allen fixing bolt.

SunTour sSymmetric levers

From the bottom, showing the cam mechanism that trims the front derailleur.

Suntour Symmetric MK-II downtube shifters, set# 2. used. $30.00

Part# SL-200-01

Sun Tour Symmetric shifters

Top view

SunTour Symmetric shifters

And from the back, showing the lever trimming mechanism

SunTour LD-1000 clamp-on friction shift levers. Used, $25.00

  • Part# SL-231-02
  • Produced late 1970s-early 1980s
  • They used the same lever arms as the Symmetric levers, but in a traditional friction lever set.

Suntour LD 1000 shift levers

Simple, neat design.

SunTour shifters

From the back

SunTour LD-1900 VX clamp-on friction shifters. Used, $25.00

  • Produced around 1979
  • This was a mid-range shifter in SunTour's 1979 catalogue

Road VX clampon-on shifters

SunTour Command 6 & 7-speed next-to-brake-lever shifters, Version 1. New, $170.00

  • Part# 70125
  • SunTour part# SL-CD00
  • Produced in 1991
  • Long clamps allow for easy mounting alongside the brake levers (see bottom picture).

Command shifters

A simple way to get the sfiters by the brake levers.

SunTour Command shifters

New, in the box

Command shifters

Another view

56 Miyata team

Here's how the Command shifters mount on the bars. An easy way to get the shift levers up to the brake levers. To be perfectly precise, though the mounting on the bars is the same, the shifters in this picture are version 2.

SunTour Mighty Thumb Shifters, Friction. Used, $40.00/set

Not indexed, but these levers have a softly ratcheted retrofriction mechanism.

SunTour thumbshifters

Here are the levers.

SunTour thumbshifters

From another angle

SunTour mighty Thub Shifters

And from a third and final angle.

SunTour Power friction thumbshifters, XC-Sport, w/OEM cables. New, $100.00/set

  • Produced 1986-1987
  • SunTour part# LD-4700

SunTour Power thubshifters

Still new after all these years.

SunTour Power thumbshifter

Here's a close-up.

SunTour Power Thumbshifter

Here's the other side of the lever.

SunTour Power Thubshifter

The top of the lever.

SunTour XC Ltd 7-Speed thumbshifters. New old stock, $100.00/set

Part# 70302

  • We have two sets in stock
  • These shifters can be set to friction.
  • We believe they were produced in the early 1990s.
  • These are new old stock, in the box with cables, housing and directions.

XC Pro thumbshifters

New old stock, in the original box.

XC Pro thumbshifters

Here they are, out of the box.

SunTour Thumbshifters

Nice and new and ready for your bike.

SunTour thumbshifters

From another angle

SunTour XC Pro thumbshifter

Here's the info on the box.

SunTour X-Press 7-speed Accushift thumbshifters. New, $60.00/set

Part# 70293

  • We have two sets in stock
  • These shifters are part of the SunTour XCD 6000 group.
  • These shifters were produced in 1990.

SunTour X-Press shifters

Nice, clean design.

X-Press shifters

Here are the levers turned on their sides

SunTour X-1 7-speed Accushift indexed thumbshifters. New, $40.00/set

Part# 70122

SunTour X-1 thumbshifters

Here's the set.

SunTour X-1 thumbshifters

Closer view of the levers.

SunTour thumbshifters

The levers turned around

SunTour MT 8-speed MD Twist Grip Shifters. New, $400.00

Here's SunTour's 1993 ad for these shifters:

MT twist shifter

SunTour MT twist shifters

New, and beautifully finished.

SunTour MT shifters

And the other side.

Downtube cable stops for frames with braze-on shifter bosses. New, $35.00

  • If you want to use brake lever or fingertip shifters and your frame has braze-ons for downtube shifters, here's what you need.

SunTour braze-on cable stops