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Alpina quill stems

Alpina quill stems on this page:
1 1/8" diameter:
12cm black

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Alpina was originally the line of mountain bikes and accessories created by industry legend Ben Lawee. Lawee started as a sales representative of the Joannou bicycle wholesale company, but soon was the owner of the Jones Bike Shop in Long Beach, CA (a long way from his birth city of Baghdad, Iraq). He grew that one shop into a chain. In 1959 he sold the chain and began importing Bianchi bicycles while also becoming the US distributor of Raleigh and Motobecane.

In the early 1970s he created his first private-label bike line, Italian-made Italvega. When exchange rates and product availability prompted a switch to Asian-made bikes, he created the Univega line and the Alpina MTB line.

Alpina 12cm, 1 1/8" CroMoly black quill stem with a 15-degree rise, 25.4mm bar clamp diameter. New, $30.00/each

Part# 31168

  • Actual rise: From the level of the quill's minimum insertion mark to the center of the bar is 5cm.
  • This stem was probably switched off a new bike during a fitting.

Alpina 12 cm stem

Side view

Alpina stem

Here's the other side.

Alpina stem

Front view

Alpina stem

Back and top of the stem