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Nitto quill stems

On this page: Nitto Technomic high-rise quill stems

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Nitto Technomic high-rise quill stems. Used, $35.00

  • Nitto Technomic stems with their long quill let you mount the bars much higher than other stems.
  • Bar clamp diameter: 25.4mm
  • Quill diameter: 22.2mm (1")

We have two: 6cm | 8cm

Nitto Technomic 6cm high-rise quill stem. Used, $35.00

This stem has an extra-long 20cm quill.

Nitto Technomic 6cm stem

If you need to get your bars up and back, here's your stem.

Nitto Technomic stem

And here's the other side of the same 6cm Nitto stem

Nitto Technomic 8cm high-rise quill stem. Used, $35.00

Nitto Technomic stem

It's in great condition

Nitto 8cm Technomic stem

And the same 8cm stem flipped over