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Post Moderne quill stems

Post Moderne quill stems on this page:
1" diameter:
11cm suspension

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11cm Post Moderne suspension 1" quill stem, 0 to 60-degree rise, 25.4mm bar clamp diameter. Used, $60.00/each

  • Actual rise: From the level of the quill's minimum insertion mark to the center of the bar is 18cm.

Downward force on a handlebar mounted in the stem compresses the stem's elastomer. The side view in the first photo should make its operation clear.

Post Moderne stem

The yellow elastomer compresses when the upper portion of the stem pivots downward.

Post Moderne stem

The other side of the stem showing the gauge that displays the stem's pivot angle.

Post Moderne Stem

Top and back of the stem

Post Moderne stem

Front and underside of the stem