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Vintage Components - Shimano Dura Ace quill stems

On this page: Shimano Dura Ace quill stems: 12cm

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Shimano Dura Ace 12 cm x 26.0mm quill stem. Used, $95.00

This gorgeous stem was part of Shimano's aero road group, Dura Ace AX 7300, and has been moved up to the 7400 series with only a change in the logo.  It is a highly sought-after stem, and is a great performer too. It even has the ever-missing original alloy top cap!  Similar to a Cinelli 1R in design.

Condition: Great to excellent used condition.  Some light marks throughout, but pretty clean.  Probably nice enough for all but super-clean show bikes.

Shimano Dura Ace quill stem

Very clean design

Dura Ace front derailleur

From the front.