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Vintage Components - Cinelli 1E stem, 26.4mm bar diameter - None currently in stock

On this page: Cinelli 1E 26.4 stems: None currently in stock

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Cino Cinelli's brother Giotto had been making steel stems since the late 1930s in Florence, Italy. They moved the business to Milan after the Second World War. In 1963 Cinelli began making alloy stems and it wasn't long before the Cinelli stem was the choice of serious athletes and connoisseurs.

The 1A ("A" stood for aluminum) was first shown at a trade show at the 1960 Rome Olympics. Production of these new aluminum stems didn't begin until 1963. Those first stems and matching aluminum bars had a polished, non-anodized finish. The classic clear anodization that gives Cinelli stems that luxurious "milky" finish began in 1965. The 1A stems were made in 5mm increments from 7cm to 14cm in both 22.2 and 22.0 (French) quill diameters. Late in 1A production black anodized stems were also made.

The 1E stem pictured on this page is almost identical to the 1A. It has "1E" cast into the quill and uses a different bar clamp bolt that will accommodate a reflector bracket behind the clamp nut.

Cinelli 1E 11cm 26.4 quill stem. None in stock

Cinelli 1E stem