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Vintage Components - Cinelli 1R stem, 26.4mm bar diameter

On this page: Cinelli 1R 26.4 stems: 10cm silver | 10.5cm silver | 11cm silver pantographed "Bertoni" | 13cm black

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Famed component maker Cino Cinelli's brother Giotto had been making steel stems in Florence, Italy in the 1930s. The brothers moved the business to Milan after the Second World War.

Cino Cinelli began making alloy stems in 1963 (the 1A model) and it wasn't long before the Cinelli stem was the choice of serious athletes and connoisseurs. Different models came out over the years, including the 1R featured on this page.

The 1R, with its hidden, internal bar clamp was a big hit when it came out in the late 1970s. The Cinelli 1R stem has a bolt on the stem's underside that pushed a plate against the bar. It was both brilliant and beautiful. Production of the 1R ceased sometime in the later 1980s.

The 1R was produced in both silver and black. Most were made for Cinelli's proprietary 26.4mm bar diameter, but some were made for 26.0 bars. All the stems on this page are for 26.4 bars.

Cinelli Bar and Stem ad

Here's an old ad for Cinelli bars and stems when they were made of steel.

Cinelli 1R 10cm x 26.4 silver stem. Used, $65.00

Part# cinelli-1r10-u65

Cinelli 1R stem

From the front

Cinelli 1R stem

Close-up of the quill

Cinelli 1R 10.5cm x 26.4 silver stem. Used, $65.00

Part# cinelli-1r105-u74

Cinelli 1R stem

From the side

Cinelli 1R stem

Close-up of the quill

Cinelli 1R 11cm x 26.4 silver stem, pantographed "Bertoni". Used, $70.00

This stem must have come from a Bertoni bicycle, which were, like the 1R stems, produced in the 1980s. Bertoni bikes were beautifully made in the Daccordi shop.

Cinelli 1R stem

Side view

Cinelli 1R stem

And here it is from the front.

Cinelli 1R 13cm x 26.4 black stem. Used, $80.00

Cinelli 1R 13cm black stem

The serrated wedge that pushes up against the bar can be seen in this photo