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Vintage Components - Cinelli Frog stem, 26.0mm bar diameter

On this page: Cinelli Frog 26.0 stem: 12 cm | 13cm | 14cm

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Famed component maker Cino Cinelli's brother Giotto had been making steel stems in Florence, Italy, in the 1930s. The brothers moved the business to Milan after the Second World War.

Cino Cinelli began making alloy stems in 1963 (the 1A model) and it wasn't long before the Cinelli stem was the choice of serious athletes and connoisseurs. Different models came out over the years, including the Frog featured on this page.

  • The Frog is an openable forged quill stem
  • The Frog was produced in the mid-1990s
  • An 11cm Frog stem weighs about 270 grams.

Cinelli 12cm Frog 26.0 quill stem. New in the box, $79.95

Part# 31246

Cinelli 12 cm frog stem

Note: This is for 26.0 bars.

Cinelli 13cm Frog 26.0 quill stem. New in the box, $79.95

Part# 31247

Cinelli 13 cm frog stem

Cinelli 14cm Frog 26.0 quill stem. New in the box, $79.95

We haven't photographed it yet, but it isn't much different from the 13 cm stem just above.