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Vintage Components - ITM (Italmanubri) Eclypse quill stems - None currently in stock

On this page: ITM Eclypse quill stems: None currently in stock

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ITM, short for Italmanubri, or "Italian Handlebars", is headquartered in Grumello del Monte, near Bergamo, in northern Italy. The bicycle parts manufacturer has been around for nearly fifty years.

Responding to the pressures of modern commerce, the company has branches in Taiwan and China.

  • ITM Eclypse stems are TIG-welded chrome-moly steel.
  • They were produced in the 1990s.
  • Eclypse stems have a 26.0 bar clamp diameter and a 22.2 quill diameter.
  • An 8cm Eclypse stem weighs about 370 grams.
  • They have a lovely titanium-like finish.