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Vintage Components - Modolo Q-Even quill stems

On this page: Modolo Q-Even stems: 11cm used | 12cm

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The parts maker Modolo has been around a long time, Adamo Modolo having started the firm in 1952. The company is headquartered in Conegliano, in northeast Italy.

Modolo was originally dedicated to making parts for post-war Italian consumer bikes. In 1976 Adamo's son Domenico and his wife Serena began managing the firm. They took it in an entirely different direction. Instead of chasing the low-margin economic parts trade, Domenico, a capable industrial designer with a degree in mechanical engineering, began designing high-end parts.

The first product of that change, the Modolo Professional brake set, was an immediate hit. Shown at the 1977 Paris and Milan bike shows, the brakeset's superb design and workmanship made these brakes the go-to stopper for anyone not wanting to pay the big bucks for Campagnolo brakes.

The company expanded its offerings and in the late 1980s began producing stems and bars. Like Modolo brakes, Modolo offered a range of stems. The quill stems were for 26.0 bars.

  • The Q-Even quill stems on this page were produced in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
  • A 10cm Q-Even stem weighed 333 grams.
  • The expander is conical, not a wedge.

Modolo Q-Even 11cm stem. used, $50.00

Part# 30366

Modolo Q-Even stem

The stem is used, but the scuffed part should end up hidden when mounted on a bike.

Modolo Q-Even stem

From the back

Modolo Q-Even 12cm stem. New, $70.00

Modolo Q-Even 12 cm stem

22.2mm quill diameter, for 26.0 bars.