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Girvin Flexstem suspension stems

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Girvin 1 1/8" Flexstems: None in stock
Girvin 1 1/4" Flexstems: 13.5cm x 1 1/4 used

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The Girvin Flexstem is a simple way to take the edge off dirt, gravel or a rough road. The extension and the quill are securely bolted together in a way that permits the extension, binder and handlebar to swivel, with a thick, hard, rubber-like elastomer bushing between them acting as a shock dampener.

The elastomer bushing is made in three densities, so you can adjust the amount of shock transmitted to your hands based on your, weight, riding style, and terrain. Green is the softest, red is medium and blue bushings are the firmest.

The stems are made for 25.4mm diameter handlebars, the usual mountain bike size. But if you are tired of putting a second and third layer of handlebar tape on your road bike to give your hands and arms some relief from road or gravel shock, you might want to consider a Flexstem. We have 25.4mm road bars and can help you get set up.

Girvin Flexstem

This Girvin Flexstem box tells the story.

Girvin Flexstem 13.5cm x 1 1/4" for 25.4cm bars. Used, $45.00

Girvin Flexstem

Ready for some more trails

Girvin Flezstem

From the other side

Girvin Flezstem

Bottom view