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Stem parts

On this page: Alloy handlebar shim 25.4 to 26.0mm | 3T stem insert for bar clamp | Cinelli XA stem insert for bar clamp | Cinelli 1R handlebar clamp fixing wedge | 1 1/8" quill stem alloy expander wedge

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We have various stem parts and shims that work on several brands. We're posting them on this page.

Alloy handlebar shim 25.4mm to 26.0mm. New, $5.00/each

Part# 41260

  • This shim is 45mm wide and will allow a 25.4mm diameter bar to be mounted in a stem made for 26.0mm bars.
  • We have one in stock.

Alloy stem shim

A simple problem solver.

3T stem insert for handlebar clamp. $10.00/each

This pad fits in the stem where the bolt tightens the clamp. Several models of 3T stems use it. The second photo shows a stem with one of these pads. This insert came on a 3T 2002 model stem.

3T stem insert

Here's the insert

3T Status stem

Here's a 3T Status stem with a pad resting in the handlebar clamp.

Cinelli XA stem inserts for bar clamp. New, $10.00/each

We have the following colors with their quantity in stock in parenthesis:

  • Black (5)
  • Red (4)
  • Yellow (4)
  • White (4)
  • Blue (3)

Cinelli XA stem inserts

Here's one insert of each color.

Cinelli XA stem

Here's a Cinelli XA stem with a red insert.

Cinelli 1R handlebar clamp fixing wedge. Used, $35.00/each

Cinelli 1R bar clamp wedge

This hidden plate presses against the handlebars inside the stem to hold the bars in place.

Bar clamp wedge

Here's the back of the plate.

Cinelli 1R stem clamp

From another angle

Here's a Cinelli 1R stem showing the bar fixing plate inside the stem. The bolt on the underside of the stem (half-hidden) pushes the plate against the handlebars as it is tightened.

1 1/8" Quill stem alloy expander wedge. New, $10.00/each

Part# 31301

Stem wedges