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Track cog lockrings

Track cog lockrings on this page: Formula | Sunlite | Wheels Mfg

3/32" track cogs are posted here | 1/8" track cogs are posted here

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It is absolutely necessary to put a lockring on a track hub. A track hub lockring has left-handed threads and fits on smaller diameter part of the threaded portion of a track hub. The lockring goes on after the track cog and keeps the cog in place when backpedaling to slow or stop a fixed-gear bike. As Sheldon Brown noted, if the sprocket starts to unscrew, it should turn the left-hand-threaded lockring, tightening the lock ring.

If you do not have the tools to properly tighten your lockring, please have a professional do this for you. A track cog coming off while riding can be catastrophic.

Gran Compe Track hub

Here's a double-sided rear track hub showing the stepped-down smaller diameter threaded portion that accepts the lockring.

Our lock rings are 1.29" x 24 TPI, left-hand and will fit most hubs except Campagnolo & Phil Wood (they are 1.32" x 24 TPI, left-hand) and of course, French-threaded track hubs.

Formula Track Lockring. New, $10.00/each

Formula Track lockring

Sunlite Track Lockring. New, $10.00/each

Sunlite track lockring

Torque specs are engraved on the rings.

Subnlite track cogs

The way the lockrings come to us. Note the threading specs.

Wheels Manufacturing stainless steel track lockring. New, $20.00/each

Part# 54501

Wheels Manufacturing track lockring