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HED high-performance bicycle road wheels

HED road wheels on this page: HED Ardennes LT wheelset

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All of the hubs in used wheels that we offer for sale have been serviced.

HED Ardennes LT clincher wheelset. Lightly used, $550.00/set

  • Rear wheel: 2-cross drive side, radial non-drive. Straight-pull, 10-speed
  • Front wheel: radial, straight pull spokes, 18-hole
  • 23mm wide
  • Skewers included
  • Well-designed high-performance aluminum wheels offer great value, durability and excellent braking.

Hed Ardennes LT wheelset

Go-faster wheels for a low price

Rear wheel

Close-up of the rear wheel showing the straight-pull non-drive spokes

Rear wheel spoek lacing

Rear wheel spoke lacing

Front wheel

Nothing extra on this front wheel.