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27-inch Bicycle Road Wheels

27-inch bicycle road wheels on this page: Sta-Tru 27" alloy wheels | Galli Sport-Rigida 13-20 27" wheelset | Ofmega-Nisi 27" front wheel | Ofmega-Nisi 27" rear wheel | Origin8-Sun 27" front wheel | Origin8-Sun rim 27" rear wheel for freewheel | Specialized-Mavic MA 2 27" front wheel | Suzue-Araya 27" rear wheel for freewheel

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All of the hubs in used wheels that we offer for sale have been serviced.

After the Sta-True wheels, the wheels in this page are in alphabetical order according to their hub manufacturer.

27" Sta-Tru 36-hole alloy double-wall wheels. New, $60.00/front; $70.00/rear

  • We have three front wheels (part# 51178), $60.00/each
  • We have two rear wheels (Part# 51179), $70.00/each
  • Rims: 27" Sta-Tru rims, 36-hole, schrader valve drilling
  • Rims are double-wall construction.
  • Hubs: Quando alloy hubs with quick releases, 126mm rear hub spacing
  • Made for freewheels

Sta-Tru Wheels

Here's a front and a rear.

Sta-Tru front wheel

The front wheel with skewer

Sta-Tru rear wheel

The rear wheel

Sta-True front hub

Close-up of the front hub

Sta-Tru front wheel

Another look at the front wheel

Sta Tru rear wheel

Rear hub, drive side

Sta Tru rear wheel

Rear hub, non-drive side

Sta Tru Rim

Close-up of one of the Sta-Tru rims

Sta Tru rim

The valve stem hole. It is drilled for Schrader.

27" Galli Sport 32-hub/Rigida 13-20 rim wheelset. Used, $300.00/set

  • Rear hub has 120mm rear spacing
  • Made for freewheels

Galli-Regida wheelset

Here's the pair of wheels.

Galli-Regida wheelset

The front wheel

Galli front hub

The Galli front hub

Regida rim

The Rigida decal

Galli sport rear wheel

The rear wheel

Galli rear hub

The Galli rear hub

Rigida rim

The Rigida rim

Front 27" Ofmega 36-hole hub/Nisi double-eyelet rim clincher wheel. Used, $150.00/each

Ofmega-Nisi front wheel

Side view.

Ofmega front hub

Close-up of the Ofmega hub

Ofmega front hub

Here's the other side of the hub.

Nisi rim

It is a Nisi clincher rim made in the Turin suburb of Moncalieri

Rear 27" Ofmega 32-hole, 126mm hub/Nisi 27" rim built with stainless steel 15-gauge spokes. Used, $150.00/each

  • 1,190 grams

Ofmega rear wheel

Here's the wheel

Ofmega rear hub

The hub and skewer

Ofmega rear hub

Close-up of the hub

Ofmega rear hub

The hub's drive side.

Ofmega rear hub

The non-drive side

Nisi clincher rim

The Nisi rim decal

Nisi clincher rim

The rim is double-ferruled

27" Front 36-hole wheel built with Origin8 cartridge-bearing hub/Sun M13II rim and DT spokes. New, $100.00/each

Part# 51178

  • We have three in stock.
  • 970 grams
  • Skewer not included

Origin8 front wheel

Here's the wheel.

Origin8 front hub

Close-up of the Origin8 hub

Origin8 front hub

One of the hub's cartridge bearings

Sun rim

The Sun rim


27" Origin8 36-hole, 126mm freewheel hub/Sun M13 II black doublewall rim rear wheel. New $80.00/each

Part# 51179

  • Made with DT stainless steel spokes
  • Wheel weighs 1,070 grams.
  • Cartridge bearings

Origin8 rear wheel

A nice new wheel, ready for the road.

Origin8 rear wheel

Looking down on the wheel.

Origin8 rear hub

Here's the hub and its clean, new freewheel threads.

Origin8 rear hub

The freewheel side of the hub, showing one of its cartridge bearings

Origin8 rear hub

The non-drive side, showing the other cartridge bearing.

Origin8 rear wheel.

Oh, and here's how it came to us, all nicely wrapped.

27" Specialized 36-hole hub/Mavic MA2 rim front wheel. Used, $150.00/each

  • Hub has cartridge bearings.
  • Wheel is built with DT stainless steel spokes.
  • Wheel weighs 1,020 grams.

Specialized front wheel

Side view

Mavic MA 2 rim

Looking down on the wheel

Mavic MA2 rim

Close-up of the Mavic MA 2 rim decal.

Specialized front hub

The Specialized cartridge bearing front hub

Specialized front hub

The other side of the hub

27" Suzue 36-hole, 126mm freewheel hub/Araya rim rear wheel. Used, $60.00/each

  • This wheel is built with stainless steel spokes.
  • 126mm rear spacing
  • This wheel weighs 1,020 grams.
  • The Araya rim features double-wall construction. Nice.

Suzue rear wheel

Here's the wheel.

Suzue hub wheel

Looking down on the wheel.

Araya rim

It is a 27" x 1" Araya rim.

Suzue hub

Here's the hub.

Suzue rear hub

The Suzue name embossed on on the hub shell.

Suzue hub

The hub's non-drive side