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Road Bicycle Wheels built with SRAM hubs

Road wheels built with SRAM hubs on this page: Wheelset built with 36-hole SRAM G8 8-speed internally geared rear hub

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  1. All used wheels that we offer for sale have been overhauled. Some have been re-built with new spokes, bearings, cones, hubs or rims, according to their needs.
  2. Quick-release new wheels will be provided with a skewer.
  3. All wheels, new or used, have been trued, tensioned, and bearing tension adjusted 
  4. Axle bearing tension performed.

700c SRAM-built wheelset built with 36-hole SRAM G8 8-speed internally geared rear hub. New

Wheel set Part# 81294

  • We have two sets in stock.
  • Weight: rear wheel weighs 2,950 grams.
  • SRAM produced this wheelset in 2013.
  • This is a quality wheelbuild with a mirror spoke assembly. This applies to both front and rear wheels.

SRAM G8 rear hub

Here's the inside of a SRAM G8 hub, showing its beautifully made parts. Photo courtesy

SRAM rear wheel

Side view of the rear wheel.

SRAM 8-speed hub

Looking down on the SRAM 8-speed hub

SRAM 8-speed rear hub

Side view of the hub's drive side. The sprocket is included and comes in the cable & twist grip package and is not mounted on the hub in this picture.

SRAM rear huib

Here's the other side of the hub.

SRAM rear wheel

Looking in the rear rim at the valve hole.

SRAM wheel parts kit

Here's the parts kit: Cables, twist grip shifter, rear sprocket, directions, etc.

Front wheel:

Front wheel built with Formula 40-hole, standard nutted hub/Mach 1-EXE rim. New, $85.00/each

If bought separately, part# is 51294

  • This wheel weighs 1,050 grams

Front nutted wheel

Side view of the front wheel

Front Forunla hub

Here's the hub.

Formuyla front hub

End view of the hub.

Mach 1 rim

Here's the Mach 1 rim.

Mach 1 rim

Looking in the rim at the valve hole.