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Road Bicycle Wheels built with Shimano Deore hubs

Wheels built with Shimano Deore hubs on this page: Shimano 600 Front/Deore DX rear, Campagnolo Omega V rim wheelset | Deore LX/Sun CR18 36-hole rim front wheel

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All of the hubs in used wheels that we offer for sale have been serviced.

Shimano 600 Front/Deore DX rear, Campagnolo Omega V rim, 32-hole handbuilt wheelset. Used, $250.00/set

  • Wheels are handbuilt
  • Rear hub is Shimano Deore DX 7-speed 32-hole
  • Front hub is Shimano 600 32-hole
  • Rims are Campagnolo Omega V
  • Spokes are DT 15/16 double-butted
  • Spoke nipples are red alloy
  • Front wheel weighs 790 grams
  • Rear wheel weighs 1,030 grams
  • Skewers are not included.

Shimano wheelset

Here's the set.

Shimano front wheel

The front wheel

Shimano front hub

Top view of the front wheel

Campagnolo Omega V rim

The front rim sticker

Campagnolo rim

And these are Campagnolo rims.

Shimano 600 front hub

The Shimano 600 front hub

Shimano 600 front hub

Side view of the hub

Shimano DX rear wheel

The rear wheel

Shimano wheel

Here's the rear wheel from above.

Shimano Deore DX rear hub

Close-up of the rear Shimano Deore DX 7-speed rear hub

Shimano rear hub

Here's the other side of the rear hub.

Campagnolo rim

The rim sticker on the rear rim.

Shimano Deore LX Gold M570-G 36-hole hub/Sun CR18 rim front wheel. New, $175.00/each

  • Handbuilt with Alpina 15-gauge spokes.
  • This wheel weighs 1,020 grams.

Shimano Deoree road wheel

Gold hub and black rim. Sharp!

Shimano Deore LX front wheel

Looking down on the wheel.

Sun CR18 rim

The Sn CR18 rim label

Deoree LX gold hub

The Deore LX gold hub

Shimano Deore LX front hub

The other side of the front hub