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Road Bicycle Wheels built with Shimano Exage hubs

Wheels built with Shimano Exage hubs on this page: Shimano Exage 36-hole/Ambrosio Elite clincher rim front wheel

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All of the hubs in used wheels that we offer for sale have been serviced.

Shimano Exage RM50 36-hole hub/Ambrosio Elite clincher rim front wheel. New, $65.00/each

Part# 51228

  • This wheel is new, taken from a new bike.
  • Spokes are Alpina stainless steel
  • The wheel weighs 860 grams

Shimano Exage front wheel

Here's the wheel.

Shimano wheel

Looking down on the wheel.

Shimano Exage hub

The Shimano Exage hub

Ambrosio Elite rim

The Ambrosio Elite rim decal

Ambrosio Elite rim

The Ambrosio /Elite rim is produced in Europe. Italy, to be exact.