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Road wheels built with Sturmey-Archer bicycle hubs

Road wheels built with Sturmey-Archer hubs on this page:

Front wheels: Sturmey-Archer nutted hub/26" x 1 3/8" rim for rod-pull brakes

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About our wheels:

  1. All used wheels that we offer for sale have been overhauled. Some have been re-built with new spokes, bearings, cones, hubs or rims, according to their needs.
  2. Quick-release new wheels will be provided with a skewer.
  3. All wheels, new or used, have been trued, tensioned, and bearing tension adjusted 
  4. Axle bearing tension performed.

Front wheel made with Sturmey-Archer nutted hub/26" x 1 3/8" rim for rod-pull brakes. Used, $200.00/each

  • This wheel weighs 1,430 grams.
  • The rim is made for rod-pull brakes. Please see final picture for a bike with rod-pull brakes.
  • Sturmey-Archer was started in 1902 in Nottingham, England and spent most of its history as a subsidiary of Raleigh. In 2000 all the assets of Sturmey-Archer were sold to Sun Race of Taiwan.
  • This is a classic Nottingham-produced wheel.

Sturmey Archer wheel

Side view

Sturmey Archer hub

The wheel's Sturmey-Archer hub

Sturmey Archer front hub

Close-up of the Sturmey-Archer hub. It is, of course, made in England.

Front Sturmey-Archer wheel

Side view, showing it still has its original Raleigh axle nuts.

Sturmey-Archer rim

The wheel's Sturmey-Archer rim.

Sturmey-Archer rim

Another view of the rim

Front Sturmey-Archer rim

A blip in the rim.

Sturmey-Archer rim

Looking in the rim at the valve hole.

Raleigh with rod brakes

A Raleigh Tourist bike with a front rod-pull brake.