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Bicycle Road Wheels built with Campagnolo Record hubs

Wheels built with Campagnolo Record hubs on this page: '98 Record /Mavic Blue Open Pro radial front wheel | '98 Record/Torelli Blue Triumph front wheel | '99 Record/Mavic French Blue Open Pro wheelset

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All of the hubs in used wheels that we offer for sale have been serviced.

1998 Campagnolo Record hub/Mavic Blue Open Pro rim radial front wheel. Used, $350.00/each

  • Radial spoking with DT Revolution 17/17/15 butted spokes and DT aluminum alloy nipples
  • Weight with skewer: 750 grams
  • Without skewer: 690 grams

Campangolo record hub front wheel

A light, beautiful wheel.

Campagnolo front hub

Here's the front hub, radially spoked.

Campagnoo front hub

The other side of the hub.

1998 Campagnolo Record 32-hole hub/Torelli Triumph french blue rim front wheel. Used, $300.00/each

  • Spokes are Wheelsmith 15/17 double-butted stainless steel laced to gold alloy nipples.
  • The Campagnolo Record front hub has a titanium axle and cartridge bearings.
  • The wheel weighs 790 grams.
  • The wheel is hand-built.

Campagnolo front wheel

Side view

Campagnolo Record front wheel

Close-up of the Campagnolo Record front hub

Campagnolo front wheel

The wheel from above.

Torelli Triumph rim

The rim decal. Torelli Triuumph rims had their sidewalls machine turned to make a superb, smooth braking surface.

Torelli bicyle rim

In addition, Torelli Triumph rims had a weight at the valve stem to counter-balance the increased mass at the opposite side of the rim where the joint was welded. This makes for smooth, efficient high-speed riding.

1999 Campagnolo Record 32-hole/Mavic French Blue Open Pro wheelset. Used, $1,000.00/set

  • This 32-hole wheelset weighs 1,670 grams
  • Front wheel is radially laced with DT Revolution 15/17/15 dubble-butted spokes and DT blue aluminum alloy nipples
  • Front wheel with skewer weighs 770 grams. Without skewer, 700 grams
  • Rear wheel is laced cross-three with DT Revolution 14/17/14 double-butted spokes on the drive side and 15/17/15 on the non-drive side with DT blue aluminum alloy nipples.
  • Rear wheel with skewer weighs 980 grams. Without skewer, 820 grams.

Campagnolo and Mavic wheelset

Here's the wheelset.

Campagnolo-Mavic front wheel

The front wheel

Campagnolo-Mavic wheels

Close-up of the front hub and its radial lacing

Campagolo-Mavic front wheel

Here's the other side of the front hub

Campagnolo-Mavic rear wheel

The rear wheel

Campagnolo-Mavic rear wheel

The rear hub, showing the cross-three lacing.

Campagnolo-Mavic rear wheel

The other side of the rear hub.