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Wheels for fixie bikes with vertical dropouts

Wheels for fixie bikes with vertical dropouts on this page: White Industries ENO eccentric rear, Dura-Ace front/Velocity Deep V rims

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All of the hubs in used wheels that we offer for sale have been serviced.

White Industries ENO two-sided (fixie/freewheel) eccentric 36-hole rear hub, Dura-Ace 32-hole front hub/Velocity Deep V rims wheelset. Very lightly used, $500.00/set

The rear wheel is available separately for $275.00
The front wheel can be purchased separately for $225.00

  • Rear Hub is two-sided for either a single fixed-gear or a freewheel.
  • 14-gauge DT stainless steel spokes with brass nipples
  • Velocity Deep V 36-hole rim
  • Front wheel weighs 1,050 grams.
  • Rear wheel weighs 1,180 grams.

The White Industries ENO ("one" spelled backwards) is a brilliant solution to the problem of mounting a fixie rear wheel with the proper chain tension in a frame with vertical dropouts without resorting to a derailleur of some other chain tensioning device.

Here's the manufacturer's explanation of the rear hub:

Our eccentric ENO line of hubs are made specifically for bikes with vertical dropouts. The majority of bicycle frames made today are made with vertical dropouts, however, converting the frame to a single speed presents the problem of how to tension the chain. Chain tension with vertical frames can be addressed three ways: by using a chain tensioner, using an eccentric bottom bracket, or with our eccentric ENO. The eccentric ENO is an easy, clean, and simple answer to the problem. The eccentric rear hub allows the rider to adjust the chain tension by simply rotating the elliptical axle ends up and back in the dropouts. As the hub rotates back the chain is pulled into tension. Flip/flop design, fixed/free. Made in the USA

Rear Hub Specifications:

  • Properly set chain tension for your fixed gear project on any modern frame with vertical dropouts
  • Removes the need for a chain tensioner
  • 36 hole, 130mm, 322 grams
  • Precision machined out of 6061-T6 aluminum with for lightweight performance and durability
  • Genuine White Industries part, made in the USA

White Industries rear wheel

First, the hub, showing the elliptical axle end.

White Industries wheel

The wheel from the fixed-gear side. We see no braking scars on the rim, so we assume the previous owner used just a front brake.

White Industries rear wheel.

The wheel from the freewheel side.

White Industries ENO wheel

Looking down on the wheel.

White Industries hub

Close-up of the hub body.

White Industries rear hub

And here's the freewheel side of the hub.

Velocity fusion rim

The front 32-spoke wheel.

Veocity Fusion wheel

Looking down on the front wheel.

Dura Ace hub

Made with a Dura-Ace front hub.

Shimano Dura Ace front hub

A slightly different view of the front hub.