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Marchisio high-performance bicycle wheels

Marchisio wheels on this page: Marchisio Eptagon Wheelset

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All of the hubs in used wheels that we offer for sale have been serviced.

Marchisio Eptagon Wheelset with Campagnolo-compatible freehub. New, $1,000.00/set

Included: Wheel bags, rimstrips, owner's manual and spare spokes

These wheels are truly new, they have never even had cogs put on them.

Marchisio was an Italian firm started by ex-pro racer Dante Marchisio in the 1980s. The company specialised in using CNC machining to create innovative and interesting high-performance bike parts

Here's the importer's description of the wheels:
The hubs start out as a solid piece of aluminum that is laboriously machined down to the beautiful, elegant works of art that you see in the pictures. There is no sacrifice of comfort and road feel since the Eptagon wheels use a normal box-section rim with the give and flexibility a good road wheel should have.

Note: the easily detachable freehub body is Campagnolo compatible.

Factory spec weight:
Front wheel: 765 grams
Rear wheels: 970grams

We've posted the Eptagon Wheelset owner's manual.

Marchisio Eptagon wheelset

Here's our set.

Marchisio wheelset

Here's the importer's photo of an Eptagon wheelset

Eptagon front wheel

Our front wheel

Eptagon front wheel

Here's another view of the front wheel.

Eptagon front hub

Close-up of the front hub. Beautiful.

Eptagon front hub

The other side of the front hub.

Marchisio Eptagon rear wheel

Here's the rear wheel

Marchisio rear wheel

Close-up of the rear hub

Marchisio rear hub

Here's the freehub body.

Marchision Eptagon rear wheel

Here's the other side of the rear hub.

Eptagon rear hub

A different view of the non-drive side of the rear hub

Eptagon wheel

Here's the rim, showing the machined sidewall.

Marchisio Eptagon wheels

Here are wheel bags that will come with the wheels.

Marchisio rimstrips

Here are the rimstrips that will come with your Eptagon wheels.

Marchisio spare spokes

Spare spokes are included.

We've included the owner's manual:

Eptagon wheel manua;

The manual is included, which we are reproducing here both for better understanding of the wheelset or in case you have a set and have lost the manual.

Marchisio manual

Opening pages

Marchisio manual

Second set of pages

Eptagon wheelset

Third set of manual pages

Eptagon wheelset manual

Fourth set of pages of the Eptagon wheelset owner's manual.

Eptagon wheelset manual

Fifth set of manual pages

Marchisio Eptagon wheel manual

Sixth set of pages

Eptagon manual

Seventh set of Eptagon wheelset manual pages

Marchision Eptagon wheelset

And the back cover.