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Torelli Road Bicycle Wheels

Torelli Road wheels on this page: Torelli Bormio Wheelset

Torelli Bormio wheelset. New, $400.00/set

Part# #51050

  • The rear hub has five Japanese sealed bearings including a set of needle bearings in the cassette body. The cassette is removable and easily serviceable.
  • Though black, the spokes are flat-bladed Pillar stainless steel, made from Sandvic stainless steel rod. Sweet.
  • The wheelset comes with Torelli wheels covers. Please see the last Bormio wheel picture.
  • The wheelset: 20-spoke front / 24-spoke rear and weighs 1680 grams
  • The front wheel has radial spoking. With the quick-release, it weighs 710 grams. Without the quick-release, it is 640 grams
  • The rear wheel is built 2-cross drive-side and radial non-drive side.
  • The rear wheel has a Campagnolo-compatible freehub.
  • With its quick-release skewer the rear wheel weighs 1,020 grams. Without the skewer it weighs 910 grams.

Torelli Bormio wheelset

Here's the set.

Torelli Bormio wheel

The front wheel

Torelli Bormio wheel

Close-up of the front hub and showing the bladed spokes.

Torelli Bormio wheel

Here's the other side of the front hub

Torelli Bormio wheel

Here's the rear Bormio wheel.

Torelli Bormio rear wheel

Here's a close-up of the rear hub. You can see the cross-two drive-side and radial non-drive side spoke patterns.

Torelli Bormio wheel

Here's the non-drive side of the rear wheel.

Torelli Bormio wheels

The wheelset comes with Torelli wheel covers.