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Peugeot Complete aluminum bike

In the late 1980s Peugeot produced two bikes with aluminum frames, the Comete and the Galaxie. The Comete used French components, including the Huret-Sachs Aris index gear shifting system, while the Galaxie was Shimano-equipped.

The frame used the Pecheny system to press-fit the aluminum lugs into 5086 aluminum tubes. No glue (as in Vitus frames) nor welding (as in Cannondale) was used. The complete bikes were quite light, under 22 lbs.

In 1990, Peugeot sold the North-American rights to their bicycles to ProCycle of Canada. It appears that as part of the sale, amid scattered reports of frame failures, Peugeot recalled all Comete and Galaxie bikes. This seems to have occurred without government-managed CPSC oversight.

The ProCycle license lapsed and now Peugeot bikes are produced by Cycleurope, a Swedish firm owned by Grimaldi Industri.

Peugeot cataloge

Here is the Comete in a late 1980s Peugeot catalog.

Peugeot Comete

And here is our museum piece.

Peugeot Comete

Here's a front view. The bike came with Weinmann 570 sidepull brakes

Peugeot Comete

Rear view. The pedals are Maillard's platform model

Sachs rival

The Sachs-Huret Rival rear derailleur

Rear hub and cluster

Maillard sealed bearing rear hub

Nervar crankset

Nervar 3000 crankset