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Sold: Raleigh Tourist DL1 24" rod-brake equipped 3-speed bicycle.

Note, this Frame is sold: Raleigh Tourist DL1 24" rod-brake equipped 3-speed bicycle

This is the classic rod-brake bike that Raleigh made for decades for people serious about wanting reliable transportation. It has comfortable geometry, rod brakes, classic Brooks leather saddle, large Brooks seat bag and a Sturmey-Archer AW 3-speed hub. It is a bike designed to last forever.

All the parts on the bike, including the tires, are original.

Sadly, Raleigh stopped making these wonderful bikes sometime in the mid-1980s. But we have one in wonderful condition ready for you.

We believe this bike was made for the British home market because it has a full chainguard. DL1's made for the American market had only partial chainguards. We don't know what year it was made.

The Keystone headlamp will need an old square European battery, which we cannot supply.

Sean Connery

A Raleigh DL-1 was the choice of Bond. James Bond. The late Sean Connery on a classic Raleigh DL-1 .

Raleigh Tourist DL1

A classic bike in wonderful condition. It comes with a Japanese-made frame pump.

Raleigh Tourist DL1

The front rod brake is easy to see here.

Raleigh Tourist DL1

Head-on view

Raleigh Tourist DL1

Close-up of the front end

Raleigh Tourist DL1

And back view showing the large Brooks saddle bag the how completely the chain is enclosed.

Raleigh Tourist DL1

Close-up of the big Brooks seat bag.

Raleigh Tourist DL1

Close-up of the Keystone headlamp. Apologies, we don't have a battery for it.

Front rod brake

Here's the front rod brake

Raleigh Tourist DL1 bike

Looking down at the bars.

Brooks B66 saddle

Here's the comfortable Brooks B66 leather saddle. Here's what Brooks has to say about it: "The B66 is our classic offering for the city cyclist, designed for use with a traditional seat pillar. Beloved by Brook’s customers since 1927, the B66 is a firm favourite among casual touring cyclists."

Raleigh Tourist DL1

Here's what you're getting, almost. This is a drawing of the American version of 1977 with the partial chainguard.