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Sold: 48cm Basso Frame & Fork

Basso bikes and frames are made in the city of Dueville, near Vincenza (home of Campagnolo) in northern Italy. The shop is owned by the three Basso brothers, Marino, Renato and Alcide (company founder).

Brother Marino was one of professional cycling's finest sprinters of the 1970s. While he won many races, including Tour de France, Giro d'Italia and Vuelta a España stages, he is best known for winning the 1972 world road professional racing championships in Gap, France.

Note, this Frame is sold: Basso frame and fork, 48 cm x 50 cm top tube. Used, $300: frame, fork and headset only. Pictured wheels and seat post are not included.

  • Bottom bracket is Italian threaded
  • Seatpost is 27.2
  • Dropouts are currently spaced at 126mm

This frame is made from Columbus tubing, but the exact model of tubing cannot be determined because the decal is scratched. But given that it takes a 27.2 seat post and that it is a 48cm frame, it is almost certainly SL tubing.

It has an interesting pump braze-on (see detail picture below), and two water bottle braze-ons.

The dropouts are custom-Basso engraved. The cables run under the bottom bracket.

48 CM Basso

This classic bike from the late 1970s or early 1980s will give a lovely, comfortable ride.

48 cm basso bike

The short, flat fork crown allows for longer fork blades, giving a more comfortable, sure ride. The tubing decal at the top of the seat tube is illegible.

Basso bike frame

Rear triangle view. Brazing the seat stays to the sides of the seat lugs makes them longer and allows them to bow more. This means a more compliant ride, so important in smaller frames. Note there is no front derailleur braze-on

Basso bike

Close-up of the pump braze-on .