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Sold: Mondonico 56cm Futura Leggero bicycle

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Note, this frame is sold. Mondonico Columbus 56cm Futura Leggero

This frame was built shortly after Mondonico retired, in a shop he selected and approved.

Here are the specs on this lovely bike:

  • Wheels: DT Revolution spokes and alloy nipples. Front Daisy is a 28-hole hub.  Rear MI5 hub is 32-hole. 
  • The quick-releases are Mavic 500/550 skewers.
  • The tires are Vittoria Corsa’s, the predecessor to the Corsa Pro.
  • Tubes: Michelin AirComp UL tubes w/40mm threadless valvestems. 
  • Rox Superdute rimstrips.
  • The saddle and seat post are the last of those models I had.
  • Front derailleur is a Campagnolo Record alloy triple.
  • The cassette is a Centaur 13-29.
  • Chain is a Connex black/gold 10sB.
  • Cages are Elite Ciussi Gel.
  • Handlebar wrap is Supacaz.
  • Pump is a Topeak Road Morph w/gauge.

Mondonico Futura Leggero

Side view


From the front

Mondonico bike

Anbd from behind

Mondonico bicycle

Close-up of the cockpit

Mondonico bicycle

Side view


Close-up of the front end

Mondonico bicycle

Of course it is hand made.

Antonio Mondonico

Antonio Mondonico had a nice, readable signature.

Campagnolo derailleur

The Campagnolo Chorus mid-cage rear derailleur

Vittoria Corsa Pro tire

One of the Vittoria Corsa Pro tires

Mavic CPX33 rim

The wheels are built with Mavic CPX33 rims.

Selle San Marco Rolls saddle

An ambroidered Selle San Marco Rolls saddle with Titanium rails is a nice touch.

Mondonico bike

The saddle and fastback seat cluster from behind.

Campagnolo Record Triple crankset

Campagnolo Record triple 172.5 crankset with 30-40-50 chainrings

Front hub

Radially spoked White Industries Daisy front hub.

White Industries Daisy  hub

Side view of the hub.

White Industries rear hub

And here's the rear hub

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