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Sold: Mondonico women's specific frameset: Columbus Foco steel with short top tube and extended head tube

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This frame is sold: Framebuilder Antonio Mondonico developed a women's specific frame geometry allowing women far greater comfort, power and endurance on the bike. Women have shorter torsos in porportion to their legs and bend their backa differently than men. So, Mondonico's Women's frames have both shorter top tubes and extended head tubes to bring the stem and bars higher in relation to the saddle. Specifications are below the pictures.

Mondonico women's frame

Here it is, from the side. Note the extended head tube and lovely chrome accents

Mondonico womens frame head tube

Here's a close-up. The derailleur adjusters screw into the head tube so there are no cable clamps on the frame.

Mondonico women's frame

Here's the back end showing Mondonico's famous wishbone seat stay.

Women's foco bike

And here's how it looked built up.

Tubing: Columbus Foco, drawn to 0.4 mm wall thickness with short, shaped butts for maximum lightness and comfort.

Geometry: 49cm seat tube, 50.5 cm top tube, 76° seat tube. Standover height of the top tube should be about 75.5 cm

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