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Sold Handbuilt frames and complete bikes

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We have had the pleasure of equipping our customers with frames and bikes from some the the finest artists in the bike-building trade. Since each bike and frame seems like family to us, we've saved pictures of some of the frames and bikes we've sold.

Posted on this page are links to pictures and descriptions of some these lovely (both to look at and to ride) bikes and frames. Again, all bikes and frames linked on this page are sold.

Are you looking to build an Eroica-compliant bike? Talk to us. We have a huge inventory of vintage bikes, parts and frames.

Here's a Takara we just sold that meets the Eroica rules:

Takara bicycle

Steel lugged frame with downtube shifters, quill pedals, external brake cables. Neat!

But, we have more. Click here to see our fantastic inventory of beautiful art frames and bikes available for sale


De Rosa