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Sold: Torelli 63cm Torelli Titanio bicycle

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This 63 cm Torelli Titanio is shop-owner Michael Wolfe's personal bike.

  • 63cm seat tube, 61.5cm top tube, 220mm headtube
  • Equipped with a Mavic Mektronic SSC group.

Michael writes: I purchased this Torelli Titanio as a replacement for my Bianchi Ti-Megatube (photos at the bottom of the page). The Bianchi's mega-downtube was made by welding two sheets of titanium together and rolled into the needed extra-large downtube. The bike came with a Nivachrome steel unicrown fork, and the bike rode so roughly that the bottles danced in their cages on less than smooth pavement. A Time Equipe carbon fork helped, but the bike still rode so much like an aluminum frame that I couldn’t see time spent riding it. The Torelli Titanio rode much better, but not quite as well as a steel Mondonico El-OS or Foco frame.

Torelli titanio bicycle

Side view of the complete bike

Torelli titanio bicycle

From the front

Torelli Titanio bicycle

And from the back.

Time Equipe Pro fork

The bike is built with a Time Equipe Pro carbon fork.

Torelli Titanio bicycle

Here's a look at the cockpit.

Modolo Titanio bicycle

The bars are Modolo X-Setra 8-Bend Anatomic.

Mavic 305 headset

Close-up of the bike's Mavic 305 headset

Mavic 440 SSC front brake caliper

Here's the Mavic 440 SSC front brake caliper.

Mavic SSC 440 rrear brake caliper

The rear Mavic SSC 440 brake caliper.

Mavic 601 28-hole hub

The front wheel is built with a 28-hole Mavic 601 hub, radially laced.

Torelli titanio bicycle

Side view of the front hub and skewer.

Mavic 601 rear hub

Looking down on the rear Mavic 601 hub and the Shimano Dura-Ace 12-23 freewheel.

Mavic Oopen 4CD rim

The wheels are built with Mavic Open Pro rims laced with double-butted DT 15-17-15 spokes and blue anodized aluminum nipples.

Vredestein tire

Mounted on those Mavic rims are Vredestein Fortezza TriComp hand-made tires.

Mavic Metronic rear derailleur

The bike's Mavic Mektronic electonic rear derailleur.

Mavic 616 bottom bracket

The Mavic 616 cartridge bottom bracket. Please note the exquisite, jewel-like welds on the frame.

Mavic 631 crankset

Here's the exquisite Mavic 631 starfish-styled crankset.

Time Titan Equipe Pro pedals

Mounted on those cranks might be the ultimate pedals, Time Equipe Titan pedals with magnesium bodies and titanium axles. If you were a pro in the early 90s, these are the pedals you wanted.

Campagnolo Record carbon post

Of course, the bike had to be built with a Campagnolo Record carbon seatpost.

Michael Wolfe

Here I am on the ferry with my bike, off to seek adventure on the road. This picture was taken shortly after I finished my chemo-therapy for Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, so I look a little emaciated and red in the face.

Here's the Bianchi Ti-Megatube that the Torelli Titanio replaced:

Initially I rode the TI-Megatube with Mavic Ksyrium wheels, and then built the hand-built wheels in an attempt to decrease the rigidity of the ride.  They helped, but not enough to spend my riding time on that frameset.

Bianchi Ti Megatube

It has the Mavic kit that I moved over to the Torelli Ti.

Bianchi Ti Megatube

From the front

Binachi Ti Megatube

The cockpit, showing the futuristic brake levers.

Bianchi Ti MEgatube bike

From behind

Mavic Mektronic rear derailleur

The Mavic Mektronic rear derailleur. With this electronic derailleur, there was no need for the chainstay cable housing stop.

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