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A cold Saturday morning ride on December 2nd, 2011

I rode yesterday morning and left at 31 degrees! Rode my old Nishiki with the thought that I might go down somewhere out there. Rode pretty cautiously over a couple of small bridges, and hoped the rear tire wouldn´t pull a complete revolution on a couple of steep, and slick, uphills! Or watch the front wheel slide sideways on the steep descents following!

Even with the new Louis Garneau winter shoes, my toes got pretty cold at points in the ride - thicker wool socks next time! The heavy lobster mitts eventually warmed up. I did stop and place my earwarmer over my balaclava and my head was just toasty the rest of the ride. Only when I started the ascent back to the shop did I remove it and open my pit zips on the jacket.

At times, the ride was an adrenalin rush of little anxieties - stop pedaling, remain absolutely still -Ooops! Have to make a minor correction that if overdone could result in a slideout - type of ride! Still, glad I went as I won´t make the opportunity until next Saturday morning.