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A cold ride: December 8th, 2011

It was pretty cold riding downtown last night to the progressive film series in The Grand.

The film was about fracing, where chemicals with a lot of water are pressure pumped into a well they drill. The expansion releases the natural gas. And some of the chemicals/natural gas leeches into folk´s drinking water. Lots of footage of various faucets being lit on fire as the gas comes out with the water. Some sad situations of sickness and cancer as a result of being exposed to the water, or the vapors from the holding ponds or condensation tanks that are part of retrieving some of the water/chemicals used in releasing the natural gas many thousands of feet underground. When Haliburton was in politics, the whole industry was exempted from the Clean Air/Water Acts! Only recently was the industry forced to reveal what chemicals were used, like various forms of benzene and glycols used in anti-freeze. Pretty nasty stuff, and it¹s not just used on private property where owners get a generous, well sorta, amount of money, but also on BLM land, your land, our water!

One of the statements made in the discussion afterwards, was that while huge companies are responsible for this, we can always look in the mirror to see who generates this kind of demand. Someone pointed out that everyone in the room had driven down to view the movie! I didn¹t want to look like the perfect one, so I didn¹t chime in with ³No, I rode my bike², but it¹s always parked in the lobby . . . .

It was after 10 last night when the film/discussion ended. I made a bank deposit, and enroute, because of the extreme cold, ran a red light on the way home, making a left turn and crossing to the right hand side of Pringle Parkway. A motorist honked indignantly at me as they sped past, I flashed my headlights at them! Usually I meander thru the neighborhoods, but it was so cold that I decided to go straight up 12th St. hill and welcomed it!

I stopped by the store and picked up the Chimachanga¹s, and locked the back door. When I went by Sunnyslope, it read 28 degrees to confirm my feeling that it was pretty cold. If there was even a little water sprinkled during the day, it would have been pretty slick out there! Lucky it was just COLD!