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December 8, 2013 - A Cold Ride

We've received some snow and cold, and today was the Saturday morning ride at 19 degrees. Had to go downhill to Minto-Brown park, and even my lobster mitts put a bite in my fingers! You can ride nearly 20 miles on bike paths there with no danger of driving ace's testing their skills on ice and snow.

My fingers were nearly numb riding north into the headwind, but after I made the corner and headed south, they warmed up to the point I started thinking of using them to take pictures. Ooops! Low battery and low temperatures don't mix!

I saw tire tracks from one, maybe two other bikes, a group of 5 runners, and one dog walker! On the way back up Madronna, a pickup with two mtn bikes in it gave me high 5's as they made their way down, and I saw two others out on their mtn bikes as I neared the shop.

Bundled rider

It can be done...

cycle Path

Others had been here before me.

Frozen lake

Ice on the river

Footprints in snow

Lots of snow

Critter prints

And critters had to make their way through it.

Frozen river

It was a beautiful day.