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South Salem Cycleworks Bicycle Services: Wheelbuilding testimonial

We take enormous pride in our wheelbuilding. The testimonial is just below. At the bottom of the page we posted a sample custom wheelset

Michael Wolfe

Michael Wolfe here. We ride and love bikes. And, we know how important your wheels are to you. We build each set as if they were for one of our own bikes.

A kind custom-wheel customer sent us this testimonial:

Hi Mike, I just had to drop you a testimonial about the wheels that you built for me.  I took them off of my bike last fall to protect them from winter abuse. However I ended up doing most of my riding on my rollers indoors. I rode an average of 80 miles a week on the rollers and was getting a pretty good workout an hour at a time riding at a 22 to 24 MPH pace. That was about all I wanted as it gave me a great cardio workout and kept my legs feeling that they were doing a good amount of work. 

Well a couple of weeks ago I put my "Michael Wolfe Wheels" back on and started riding as usual, which is to say that I started at about 21 MPH and thinking I would, as usual, end up doing about 24 MPH as a max for the hour. Well I got to the 24 in the first couple of minutes just riding comfortably, and doing what I always do, concentrating on improving technique and not on speed, I looked down to see that I was doing 26 MPH and not huffing or straining in the slightest. With 5 miles left to go I finally reached my maximum for the ride and finished the last five miles at 35 miles per hour. 

At first I was amazed at how strong my legs had gotten over night, which from day to day will happen to some degree. But this was far too much change and it is obvious that the wheels that you made for me have so much less resistance and are so much easier to keep rolling that everything you told me about why you made them the way you did was super verified!

Thank you so much, I always tell everyone about you and my wheels and I hope sincerely that one day it will bring you some business, that is, if you want it. I also have gotten so many compliments from experienced riders about my bike being the nicest looking bike they have ever seen since I put your wheels on, not that I am that motivated by such frivolousness but still it's a feather in your cap, though I'm not sure you care either. Just thought I should tell you. This is of course also a testament to my judgement in putting the decisions about what wheels I need into your hands and trusting the right guy in every way including to give me an honest price. 

Thanks, you deserve to never have to deal with the know-it-all cheap boneheads, I'm sorry that the job often puts you in their path. Take care, and I hope to see you sometime during my trip up to do the Monster Cookie ride next month. If not, maybe I'll see you on the Reach the Beach ride this year.

Here's a wheelset we built in January of 2021:

These wheels were made to conform to the L'Eroica vintage bike ride rules.


  • Campagnolo 36-hole Record high-flange hubs
  • Mavic Mod E2 rear & Mavic ModE front
  • Revolution spokes with aluminum alloy nipples
  • Vittoria Corsa 25 tires
  • Michelin Air Comp innner tubes with 40mm valve stems
  • Rox SuperDutE rimstrips


  • Front wheel without skewer, but with tire tube & rimstrip: 1,160 grams
  • Rear wheel without skewer, but with tire, tube & rimstrip: 1,270 grams


Here's the pair of wheels

Campagnolo front wheel

Close-up of the front wheel

Campagnolo wheel

And here's the rear wheel.