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Vittoria Arrow Road Shoes , Full Carbon & Carbon-heart soles

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Vittoria Shoes were started in 1978 by former professional racer Celestino Vercelli. Vercelli had ridden for some of the greatest teams of his era, including SCIC and Brooklyn. For generations Vercelli's family had made shoes, so his starting a cycling shoe company after retiring from racing was a natural. If you are interested in learning more about Signor Vercelli, our friends at posted an extended interview with this interesting icon of the cycling industry.

All of our Vittoria shoes were hand-made in the Vittoria shop in Biella, Italy.

Vittoria Arrow shoes don't use adapters for the various cycling cleats. The cleats bolt directly on to the sole, minimizing the distance between the foot and the pedal axle. The closer the foot is to the pedal axle, the smaller the dead spot at the top of the pedal stroke. Hence, the rider is faster. This small detail helps show Vittoria's dedication to making the most efficient and comfortable shoe.

The shoes with a "Carbon Heart" sole give the stiffness of a carbon sole, but that stiffness is applied to just the area where it is most important, around the cleat. The remainder of the sole is nylon/carbon composite. This gives the rider a very high-performance shoe for a reasonable price.

Vittoria Arrow shoes have a CRS-buckle and two velcro closures.

  • The upper is Lorica and high-density nylon mesh
  • Soles on these Arrow shoes are either carbon-heart or full carbon
  • Weight of a pair of single 41 shoe is about 300 grams
  • The carbon-heart and full-carbon shoes are Look, SPD & SPD-R compatible.

Vittoria Arrow size 39, carbon-heart, Blue/white. $225.00

Part# 22163

Vittoria Arow size 39

Vittoria Arrow size 40.5, carbon-heart, Blue/white. $225.00

Part# 22170

We have two pair.

Vittoria Arrow shoes

Vittoria Arrow size 41, carbon-heart, Blue/white. $225.00

Part# 22166

Vittoria Arrow size 41

Vittoria Arrow size 41.5, carbon-heart, Blue/white. $225.00

Part# 22150

Vittoria Arrow size 41.5

Vittoria Arrow size 42, full carbon sole, Blue/white. $339.99

Part# 22167

Vittoria Arrow full carbon

The full-carbon sole is thin and ventilated.

Vittoria Arrow size 42, carbon-heart, Blue/white. $225.00

Part# 22175

Vittoria Arrow size 43

Vittoria Arrow size 44 with Time TBT Universal sole, blue. Used, $175.00

Time supplied Vittoria with Time soles for special custom orders, such as this pair of lightly-used Arrows. The buyer will have to supply his own Time-cleat insert.

Vittoria Arrow Shoes

Classic Vittoria design and comfort.

Vittoria Arrow shoes

From the back, showing the molded sewn-in heel cup.

Vittoria Arrow shoes

The Arrow buckely works beautifully to exactly cinch the shoes snugly and comfortably.

Vittoria Arrow shoes

Here they are, flipped around.

Vittoria Arrow cycling shoe

Here are the Time soles. The buyer will have to supply his own Time-cleat insert.

Vittoria Arrow size 48, carbon-heart, Blue/white. $225.00

Part# 22168

Vittoria Arrow cycling shoe size 48