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Louis Garneau Multi Women's-Specific Spinning/Cycling Shoes

On this page: Louis Garneau Multi Women's-Specific Spinning Shoes, Size: 37 white | 38 white | 39 white | 40 white | 41 white | 41 black Multi-Lite

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These shoes were made on Garneau's Women's-Specific lasts. Typically, a woman's foot is narrower at the heel and is lower in volume. You want your cycling shoe to hug the back of your foot so that your foot doesn't slip and move around during the pedal stroke. If you have had trouble with cycling shoe made on a standard last, consider a shoe made on a women's last.

We have Garneau Multi shoes built on a standard last posted here.

Spinning class

Thinking of joining a spinning class? We might have the perfect pair of shoes for you. Photo: Rich McFadden

The Garneau Multi shoe is made for Spinning/Cycling/Walking

We have several models of the Multi.

  • Garneau Multi upper is made with nylon mesh and water-resistant synthetic leather
  • It uses Shimano SPD cleats
  • Semi-rigid rubber Ergo Grip Outsole, good grip and flexibility for walking
  • It is built on a women's-Specific last

Louis Garneau Multi LG, white, size 37. $79.99

Part# 22900

Garneau Multi LG white size 37 spinning shoes

Louis Garneau Multi LG, white, size 38. $79.99

Part# 22292

Garneau Multi G spinning shoes size 38

Louis Garneau Multi LG, white, size 39. $79.99

Luois Garneau Multi LG spinning shoes size 39 white

Louis Garneau Multi LG, white, size 40. $79.99

Garneau Multi LG women's spinning shoes size 40

Louis Garneau Multi LG, white, size 41. $79.99

Part# 22295

Garneau Multi LG size 41 spinning shoe

Louis Garneau Multi Lite, black, size 41. $79.99

Part# 22341

Multi Lite women's spinning shoe size 41