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Brake Hoods for Dia Compe & Weinmann Brake levers

On this page: White non-aero hoods | Dia-Compe 287 aero hoods | Weinmann gum hood

AME hoods that are Dia Compe/Weinmann compatible: Pink | Purple
Cane Creek hoods that are Dia Compe/Weinmann compatible: Gum

Dia Compe ATB and road brake levers are posted here

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Dia Compe is the brand name of Japanese component maker KK Yoshigai. The firm was stated in Osaka, Japan, in 1930. The first product off its production line was a brakeset. Though Dia Compe has long since branched out into headsets, suspension forks and stems, brakes and brake parts are what most people rightfully think of when they see the Dia Compe name.

It was Dia Compe who invented the famous "Safety Lever" extension levers that allow a rider to put his hands on the tops of a set of drop handlebars and still stop his bike.

Swiss brake maker Weinmann was was so taken with the invention that the two firms entered a design-sharing agreement. Weinmann could make the safety levers and Dia Compe could make its own version of the highly-regard Weinmann brakes. That is why those highly polished Dia Compe brakes of the bike boom look just like Weinmanns.

Aged Non-Aero White Hoods. Used, $10.00/set

We don't know who made these hoods which we believe are Dia-Compe & Weinmann compatible.

White brake hoods

Side view

Whie hoods

Here they are flipped over

Lever hood tops

And the lever hoods tops.

Dia-Compe 287 aero lever hoods. New, $25.00/set

Part# 93140

We have two sets in stock

Dia-Compe 287 Brake Lever Hoods

From the side

Dia Compe hoods

Here are the same hoods flipped over. You can barely see an "L" and an "R" molded into the hoods so you'll know which side to mount them.

Weinmann Gum Hood. Used, $10.00

Weinmann gumhood

We have just this single hood.

Weinmann gum hood

Here it is flipped over

Weinmann gum hood

Top view

Weinmann gum hood

And from the bottom.

AME Pink non-aero hoods for Diacompe & Weinmann levers. New, $20.00/set

Part# 83103

AME Non Aero hoods

For standard style Dia Compe and Weinmann levers.

AME hoods

Here they are, out of their bag.

AME lever hoods

The same lever hoods flipped over.

AME Purple non-aero brake lever hoods. New, $20.00/set

Part# 83102

AMe hoods

New, in their factory packaging

AME purple hoods

Out of their bag.

AME non-aero hoods

And the same hoods flipped over.

Cane Creek non-aero gum brake lever hoods. New, $15.00/set

Part# 83098

Cane Creek Brake hoods

Perfect for bringing that older bike back to life.

Cane Creek brake hoods

Here they are flipped over

Cane Creek brake hoods

They will come in this attractive package.