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Sugino tandem cranksets

Sugino tandem cranks & cranksets on this page: AT 175mm/170mm tandem crankset | Fuse 175mm captain's right crank arm | XD 175mm captain's right crank arm

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Sugino is one of the oldest bicycle component companies in the world. The factory opened in 1910 in Nara, near Osaka Japan.

There was a time when Sugino's cranksets were everywhere. In the 1970s and 1980s, before Shimano's overwhelming dominance, Sugino cranksets were big sellers and highly desired. Sugino chainrings of the era were compatible with Campagnolo and cost a fraction of the Italian maker's product, making them the go-to replacement.

But, like SunTour and Dia Compe, Sugino was run over by the relentless Shimano steamroller. The company did survive, and though much smaller than in its glory days, it still produces fine product. And, it is still run by the Sugino family.

Sugino AT tandem crankset, 175mm Captain-170mm Stoker. Lightly used, $250.00

Part# 61185

Stoker's drive chainrings are not included at this price, but we have large stock of rings. If you need any, please be sure to ask.

Sugino tandem crankset

Fronts of the captain's right arm and stoker's left crank. That's a 34-tooth ring.

Sugino crankset

Back of the captain's right arm and stoker's left. Note, there is engraving on the back of the captain's arm, which we have obscured.

Sugino  tandem cranks

The stoker's 170mm cranks. The drive side uses 110 & 74mm rings.

Stoker's cranks

The backs of the stoker's cranks. The mounting for a small inner ring on the drive side can be seen here.

Sugino Fuse 175mm captain's right crank arm. New, $75.00

Part# 61186

Sugino Fuse right crank arm

A simple, perfectly made crank arm.

Sugino XD 175mm captain's right crank arm. Used, $60.00/each

Sugino XD crank arm

Top view

Sugino XD tandem crank arm

Here's the back of the arm. It's stamped "R" for right.