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Deda 215 Anatomic handlebars, 26.0mm bar diameter

On this page: Deda 215 Anatomic handlebars: 44cm

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These bars have a short reach allowing easy grasp of the brake levers.

  • Deda 215 Anatomic bars are triple-butted 7075 aluminum alloy and have undergone a T6 heat treatment.
  • Weight is just a tad over 215 grams.
  • They are double-grooved for brake and gear cables.
  • Bars are measured end-to-end
  • 86mm reach, 142mm drop

Deda 215 Anatomic handlebars, 44cm x 26.0 stem diameter. New, $120.00

Part# 30341

44cm width measured end-to-end

Deda 215 Anatomic handlebars

Short forward reach. Double grooved.

Deda 215 Anatomic

Center section