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Cycle Components - Look & Look compatible pedal cleats

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Look Delta Red ARC cleats, 9-degrees of float. new, $25.00/set

Part# 22800

  • Compatible with all Look Delta pedals
  • Three-bolt Look shoe mounting
  • Not compatible with Look Keo pedals

Look Cleat set

The real thing.

Look Delta cleats

Here's a different set in a slightly different skin pack

Look red Delta cleats

We have some new cleat sets that aren't in their factory package.

Look Black Delta Cleats. Fixed, no float. New, $20.00

Look Delta black cleats

Origin8 Red Delta ARC cleat. New, $15.00

Made by Origin8 to work on Look Delta ARC pedal systems.

Look cleats

Look Keo black fixed cleats. New, $20.00

Keo black cleats have no float.

Look bKeo black cleats

Look Keo grey 4.5-degree float cleats. New, $25.00/set

Part# 22807

  • We have two sets in stock
  • The cleats come with mounting hardware
  • 4.5 degrees of float

Look grey cleats

New, in its factory packaging.

Look Keo cleats

The back of the package.

Look Keo red 9-degree float cleats. New, $25.00/set

Part# 22806

  • The cleats come with mounting hardware
  • 9 degrees of float

Look keo red cleats

Red cleats have 9 degrees of float, the maximum.

Look Keo cleats

Back of the package.

Origin8 Keo red 9-degree float cleats. New, $20.00/set

Part# 22805

  • We have 5 sets in stock
  • Made by Origin8 to be compatible with Look Keo pedal systems
  • Hardware is included
  • 9 degrees of float

Origin8 redl Keo cleats

Fully compatible with Look Keo pedals

Look Keo Cleat Covers. New, $20.00/set

Part# 00313

These help to walk without sliding or destroying the cleats

Look Keo cleat covers

New, in the package

Look Keo cleat covers

Here's the back of the package with more info.

Kool Look Delta cleat covers. Lightly used, $10.00/set

Part# 00311

Kool says this about these covers: "This was the first cleat cover we designed. From the very beginning, we had the rider’s needs in mind. We made our cover lighter, smaller, and easier to use than any other on the market. For non-Teflon cleats only; ARE NOT designed for the Campy Pro-Fit Cleats."

Delta cleat covers

The outside, walking surface.

Delta Cleat cover

The insides