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Vintage Components - 3T Synthesis quill stems

On this page: 3T Synthesis stems: 12cm | 13cm | 13cm used

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The parts maker 3T has been making bicycle parts since 1961. Originally named 3TTT for Tecnologia del Tubo Torino (Turin Tube Technology), the firm began by making steel handlebars. By the 1970s 3T products had switched to light alloys and were very well regarded. They were used by many top-end bike makers and successful pro riders.

  • We believe the Synthesis stems on this page were produced in the early 1990s
  • 26.0mm bar clamp diameter
  • The Synthesis stem came in silver and titanium-grey finishes.

3T Synthesis silver 12cm stem.

We have: New 12cm stems | Used 12cm stems

New 3T Synthesis 12cm stem. $80.00

Part# 31098

We have two in stock

3T Synthesis 12 cm stem

Used 3T Synthesis 12cm stem. $70.00

We have three in stock: 12cm #1 | 12cm #2 | 12cm #3

Used 3T Synthesis 12cm stem #1. $70.00

Part# 3T-u76

3T Synthesis

From the front

Synthesis quill stem

Close-up of the quill

Used 3T Synthesis 12cm stem #2. $70.00

Part# 3T-u76-02

Synthesis stem

Side view. Great condition.

Synthesis stem

Front view

3T Synthesis stem

And from the back

Used 3T Synthesis 12cm stem #3. Lightly used, $70.00

Part# 3T-u76-03

3T Synthesis stem

Side view. Lovely condition

3T Synthesis stem

Front of the bar clamp portion of the stem.

Synthesis stem

From the back

3T Synthesis stem

Top view

3T Synthesis stem

Bottom of the stem's quill.

3T Synthesis stem

The stem's size is forged into the quill.

3T Synthesis silver 13cm stem. new, $80.00

Part# 31096-02

Though new, it has been inserted into a frame.

3T Synthesis stem new

3T Synthesis silver 13cm stem. used, $70.00

Part# 31096

3T 13 cm Synthesis stem used