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3-Pin Cross-Country ski boots

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All the boots on this page are used, having been used as rentals.

3-Pin cross-country ski bindings became the standard for cross country skis after victories in the 1928 St. Moritz Winter Olympics. The binding has three small pins that stick up from the binding. The toe of the boot has three holes into which the pins are inserted. The boot is then clamped down by a bail. The binding is asymmetrical, having left and right foot orientations. In recent years other excellent binding systems have been developed.

The ski boots are Euro/Metric sized. If you need some help converting the size the US, UK or other sizing systems here's a conversion chart.

Ski boots are posted in size order: Alfa size 35

Alfa ski boots size 35 for 3-pin bindings. Used, $45.00

Alfa size 43 3-pin boots

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