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Cross-Country ski boots for NNN (New Nordic Norm) bindings

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We have posted both new boots as well as used boots that have been used as rentals. New boots have been so noted.

These are cross-country skis boots for NNN (New Nordic Norm ) bindings.

The ski boots are Euro/Metric sized. If you need some help converting the size the US, UK or other sizing systems here's a conversion chart.

Ski boots are posted in size order: Alpina size 37 | Merrell size 37 | Alpina leather size 47 | Alpina size 48

Alpina ski boots size 37 for NNN bindings. Used, $35.00

Alpina size 37 ski boots

Merrell ski boots size 37 for NNN bindings. Used, $45.00

Merrell size 37 ski boots

Alpina leather ski boots size 47 for NNN bindings. Used, $35.00

Alpina leather ski boots

Alpina ski boots size 48 for NNN bindings, New, $50.00

Alpina ski boots