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Selle San Marco Bicycle Saddles

Selle San Marco saddles on this page:
Aspide: Ti Glamour Arrowhead
Ti White Regal Racing Team
Ti Rolls with Mondonico embroidery | Steel-railed Honey-brown
We have Torelli-embroidered San Marco saddles posted here

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Selle San Marco was started by Luigi Girardi in 1935 in Rossano Veneto. This is in the Italian province of Vicenza in Northern Italy, the heart of Italian bike making country.

Girardi started by covering his saddles with the fabric of military jackets. The firm was successful from the start and by 1940, it had 40 employees.

From that beginning, Selle San Marco has gone on to produce saddles that are considered among the finest in the world. They have been used, to name a few great riders, by Bernard Hinault, Greg LeMond and Bradley Wiggins.

To this day the firm continues to produce some of the world's most highly regarded saddles.

San Marco Aspide Glamour Arrowhead saddle with Titanium rails. New, $150.00

Part# 40140

  • 200 grams
  • We have two in stock

Aspide Glamour saddle

New, in its factory packaging

Aspide Glamour

From the back

Top view of San Marco saddle

And a top view

San Marco White Regal Racing Team Titanium-railed saddle. New, $175.00

Part# 40091-T

265 grams

Salle San Marco team saddle

Obviously made with pride by San Marco

Regal racing saddle

From the other side

Regal racing saddle

Front view

Selle San MArco saddle

And the underside.

San Marco Rolls Titanium-railed Mondonico embroidered saddle. New, $200.00

Part# 40121

  • We have two in stock
  • The Rolls was introduced in the 1980s and was an instant hit. Nearly 40 years after its introduction, the saddle remains popular. Andrea Tafi won Paris-Roubaix riding one in 1999 and Peter Van Petegem was using one in the 2006 edition of the same race.
  • The embroidery was done in the San Marco factory.
  • The rails are titanium. Sweet!

Mondonico embroidered Rolls Titanium saddle

This will beautify any Mondonico bike. Plus, Rolls saddles are really comfortable.

Mondonico Rolls titianium saddle

Here's the other side.

Rolls titanium saddle

From the back

Monodnico Rolls Titanium saddle

And the bottom, showing the Titanium rails.

Monodinico Rolls saddle box

It is new, in the box.

San Marco Rolls brown, steel-railed (Acciaio) saddle. New, $150.00

Part# 40124

  • 382 grams
  • San Marco calls this Pelle Lucide Miele (roughly, smooth honey-brown leather).

Selle San MArco Rolls saddle

This is a very special-looking saddle.

Borwn Rolls saddle

From the back. Just as nice.

Selle San Marco Rolls honey-brown saddle

And from the top