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Tubular/Sew-up Bicycle Tires & patch kits

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Tubular tires on this page:
Vittoria: Formula Uno | Nuovo Pro R.T.
Vredestein: Fortezza Pro

Plus: Velox tubular tire patch kits

Vittoria clincher tires are posted here.

Tubular tires, often called sew-ups in the U.S. or a "Single" in Australia, is a tire made by sewing a cloth casing around an inner tube. This tire is then glued onto a concave rim.

Countless bar fights have been started over the advantages of tubulars versus clincher tires. We believe nothing rides as well as a hand-made bike fitted with tubular tires mounted on a traditional small cross-section sew-up rim.

But, this wonderful ride comes at a cost. Sew-ups are difficult to repair. The rim strip, which is glued to the tire, must be pulled away, the stitching near the puncture undone, and the tube patched. Then the tire has to be re-sewn and the rim strip re-glued. Plus, modern "Open Tubulars"—clinchers fabricated with all the techniques that make a tubular nice to ride—approach sew-ups in ride quality.

Plus, clinchers are much cheaper.

But, as we said, nothing rides as beautifully as a fine bike with wheels made by a skilled wheel-builder mounted with hand-made tubular tires.

Vittoria Formula Uno tubular tire. New

We have two: #1 | #2

Vittoria Formula Uno tubular tire #1. New, $50.00

Though new, this tire is a bit shopworn.

Vittoria Formula Uno

All the info is right on the tire.

Vittoria Formula Uno

From another angle

Vittoria Formula Uno tubular tire #2. New, $50.00

Vittoria Formula Uno

Here's a good look at the tread.

Virrotia Formula Uno

Here's the tire off the rim

Vittoria Nuovo Pro R.T. tubular tire. New, $50.00

Though new, this tire is a bit shopworn.

Vittoria Nuovo Pro RT sew up tire

220 TPI cotton casing

Vittoria Nuovo Pro RT tubular tire

Side view

Vittoria tubular tire

Here's the tire off the rim.

Vittoria tubular tire

Calose-up of the label

Vredestein Fortezza Pro tubular tire. New, $125.00

Part# 46989

Vredestein Fortezza Pro tubular tire

Traditional black tread

Vredestin Fortezza Pro

A beautiful hand-made tire.

Vredestein Fortezza Pro tubular tire

From another rangle

Vredestein tire

Another view

Velox Tubular Tire Patch Kits. New, $20.00

Part# 49110

We have six in stock

Full disclosure: These kits are far from new and we know the patches won't stick and the glue tubes are probably gone as well. But, the nice metal case with the thread, thimble and other parts are perfect and replacement glue and patches are easily acquired

Velox Tubular patch kit

A classic piece of cycling equipment.

Velox tire repair kit

It all fits nicely in the case.

Tire repair kit

I believe "Fil de Lin" is linen thread.

Tire repair directions

It comes with directions

Velox sew up tire repair kit

Plus pictures to show how it is done.