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Vittoria Clincher (wired-on)Tires

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Vittoria clincher tires: Vittoria Corsa

Vittoria Tubular tires are posted here.

Tire manufacturer Vittoria is headquartered in Brembate, Italy, just northeast of Milan, with offices and factories around the world, including the U.S., Thailand, Taipei and Hong Kong.

The firm was started in 1953 and now has more than 1,000 employees, makes more than 7 million tires a year as well as wheels. The company has annual sales of about 60 million Euros.

The right tire pressure is important, for both safety and ride quality. Here's Michelin's tire pressure guide, which is applicable to the Vittoria tires on this page:

Michelin tire pressure guide

Vittoria Corsa with Graphene 2.0, 700c x 25c. New, $65.00

Part# 46994

The Corsa has been the race-day choice of pros for years, and is now better than ever with 4C Graphene compound technology! The latest Corsa is an evolution of the brand, and brings multiple industry-first technologies to market. Starting with our supple yet durable 320 TPI Corespun-K reinforced casing, and adding a proprietary mix of 4 different Graphene compounds, the new Corsa achieves the holy grail of performance: speed, suppleness, durability, and reliability. Whether winning a Grand Tour, or a local crit, the Corsa family delivers world class performance.

  • 4 separate Graphene compounds deliver speed, suppleness, durability, and reliability
  • Reinforced Corespun-K casing for increased sidewall protection
  • Casing has 320 threads per inch fabric!
  • The world’s best tire just got even better!

Vittoria Corsa tire

Comes in a sharp-looking box.

Vittoria Corsa tire

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Vittoria Corsa tire

Unfolded a bit.

Tire specs

Some tire specs

Vittoria Corsa tire

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