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Modern Campagnolo cranksets w/square-tapered bottom bracket spindles: Racing-T, Daytona, Xenon

Cranksets on this page: 175mm Racing-T | 175mm Daytona arms w/52 ring | 170mm Xenon

Other modern cranksets for square-tapered bottom brackets: Record | Chorus | Centaur | Veloce

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In 2007 Campagnolo moved from square-tapered bottom brackets to the splined "Ultra-Torque" system. We have a stock of late production cranksets (through 2006) made for square-tapered bottom brackets.

Campagnolo 175mm Racing T triple crankset 30/40/50 rings. New, $300.00

Part# 60133

The intention of a Racing T crankset is to allow the rider to use a closer range rear cluster with a very small inner ring to get over a tough climb.

Racing T crankset

This will get you down the road at speed and still let you get over that hill.

Campagnolo Racing T crankset

It will come to you new, in the box.

Campagnolo Box

Here's the box it will come it.

Campagnolo Daytona 175mm crank arm set with 52-tooth ring. New, $100.00

Daytona 175 cranks

It's all new and ready to roll. If you need any other parts (BB, inner rings, etc), please let us know.

Campagnolo 170mm Xenon crankset, 39/52 rings. New, $100.00

Part# 60197

We have three sets in stock

Campagnolo Xenon crankset

Ready for your bike

Campagnolo Xenon crankset

New and in the box.