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18" (46cm) Mongoose Pro titanium mountain bike

On this page: 18" (46cm) Mongoose Pro titanium mountain bike

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Mongoose has come along way since Skip Hess started casting Motomag BMX wheels in Chatsworth, California in 1974. Soon, he was Tig-welding Mongoose BMX frames out of chrome-moly in his Chatsworth factory. At its peak Mongoose was welding up 600 frames a day. And they were very well-made.

In the mid 1980s Hess sold Mongoose (owned by his BMX Products company). Since then the firm has changed hands a couple of times. Currently (2108) Mongoose is owned by Dorel industries.

Mongoose produces a wide range of product. Some of it is made for department stores and some is high-end specialty-shop production.

18" (46cm) Mongoose Pro titanium bicycle. used $2,000.00
18" (46cm) seat tube x 22.5" (57cm) top tube. Made in the early 2000s, probably 2001 or 2002.

This bike is special. It is not only made of Sandvik custom-drawn 3AL/2.5V titanium tubing, it was made by Sandvik for Mongoose. Sandvik specialized in servicing the nuclear industry. But they needed to do something with the (relatively) small amounts of left-over titanium. The answer was to produce golf club shafts, hockey stick shafts, bicycle tubing and a few bike frames.

Because Sandvik was dialed in to produce super high-end product designed to carry nuclear waste, the overall quality of the titanium sporting goods the company produced was superb. To sell the frames, Sandvik signed a deal with Mongoose to make Mongoose titanium bikes. The same tubing was also sold to other high-end titanium frame builders.

A (sort of) parallel production occurred in Russia. With the loss of nuclear industry component orders, a Russian titanium fabricator began building titanium road frames. They turned out to be simply superb in design, execution and ride. Torelli imported a small number under their brand name and we have a few in stock.

Mongoose pro Ti

Beautifully made, well-equipped and ready to hit the road.

Mongoose Titanium pro mountain bike

View of the cockpit

Mongoose pro titanium mountain bike

Close-up of the Manitou fork & Spinergy front wheel.

Mongoose pro titanium mountain bike

View of the rear triangle