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Vintage Components - Shimano cranksets

On this page: Dura-Ace AX 170mm crankset | Shimano 600 165mm crankset

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Shimano Dura-Ace AX 170mm crankset with 42-52 chainrings. Used $199.00

This very rare crankset was part of the Dura-Ace AX aerodynamic group Shimano produced from 1981 - 1984.

Full model name: Shimano FC-7300 Dura-Ace Crankset.

This crankset uses a square-taper spindle. The cranks are made for Shimano's Dyna-Drive pedals, which lowered the rider, for better handling. The pedals and cranks also brought the feet closer together, making for a lower "Q" factor and better biomechanics.

Our AX crankset is lightly used and is in wonderful condition.

Shiano Dura Ace AX crankset

Our rare AX crankset is in great condition

Shimano Dura-Ace AX crankset

The chainrings have only light wear.

Shimano 600 Arabesque 165mm crankset with 42-52 chainrings. Used $80.00

This lightly used crankset dates from the late 1970s-early 1980s. The 165 arms are great for smaller riders, riders who like to spin at high rpms or those looking for a little more pedal clearance around corners. This crank comes with the traditional 42-52 rings.

Chainrings are 130mm bolt pattern. The cranks will accept a 39-tooth inner ring. The arms are made for square taper bottom bracket spindles and are fitted with integral allen-key fixing bolts. "Arabesque" refers to the design of the brand engraving on the cranks

Shimano 600 crankset